The U.S. Government collects data across a wide range of energy sources, energy systems, and infrastructure in order to both monitor current security and to predict the future security of the critical infrastructure systems necessary for stable growth of the nation’s economy. The datasets under the Energy and Infrastructure Resilience theme are relevant to understanding our nation’s energy security in response to climate variability and global climate change. Users can access a number of datasets that report statistics on energy supply and use at the local, state, and national level. In addition, geospatial data regarding the locations of different types of fossil and renewable energy resources are available as well as different types of energy extraction, conversion, and transmission infrastructure. Some projections of future energy supply and demand are also available from different types of energy system models. Many of these data are not specifically climate focused, but when coupled with climate projections/outlooks and data regarding other potential future stressors, can be used to evaluate baseline and potential future risks.


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