Agriculture: Statistics

This open data community is supported by the Interagency Council on Agricultural and Rural Statistics (ICARS).  ICARS is the effort of the US federal government’s statistical agencies in support of the “Global Strategy to Improve Agriculture and Rural Statistics”, which was developed under the United Nations Statistical Commission. The impetus for the Global Strategy was the recognition that agriculture and rural statistics are declining across the globe at the same time as new data requirements are emerging. ICARS was established in 2010 with approval from the Office of Management and Budget’s Interagency Council on Statistical Policy. ICARS brings together experts from economic, demographic, environmental, and agricultural statistical agencies and from natural resource agencies to improve the coordination and production of national statistics related to agriculture, food, natural resource, and rural data.

Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics
Learn more about the UN’s Global Strategy here. ICARS products included in this website were developed in support of the Global Strategy.

These Products are Supported by ICARS

Land Use and Land Cover datasets for the U.S. (ICARS)
This document provides a crosswalk between major Federal land use and land cover datasets and provides details on the definitions, coverage, and methodologies used by the agencies.

Natural Resources Datasets (ICARS)
Federal Departments and independent agencies, along with universities, produce geospatial datasets and maps of natural resources of the United States. This list provides the name of the Department, agency, or university that produced the dataset, the name of the dataset, a link to the data, and a description of the data.