New Report – Data Categories for Marine Planning

USGS, EPA and NOAA, together developed a controlled vocabulary that defines the essential data; created a logical structure for organizing data catalogs; and are placing it online to enable automated use and future updates to the categories. This new report published data categories for marine planning that can build consistency in how we select, label, and organize data systems and search interfaces. The list of categories can be used in sorting and selecting the data that is needed for marine planning. The controlled vocabulary adds value when the terms are also used to identify data, so that automated systems can use them to sort and search. This will make it easier for regional data portals to locate the data they need, especially if the regional data providers are also using the controlled vocabulary to identify datasets useful for marine planning. Together, we are moving forward to meet the challenge of producing the data foundations for regional marine planning.  For more information, visit the following:

Adam Bode, NOAA OCM
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