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Arctic Framing Questions

  1. Understand changes in Arctic Ocean chemistry, as well as historical and projected changes in sea ice extent and the impacts of these changes on coastal communities.
  2. Understand the changing trends of melting glaciers, snow, and ice and the resulting impacts on hydrologic systems.
  3. Identify changing patterns of Arctic weather and extreme events.
  4. Identify the impacts of thawing permafrost on Arctic vegetation, hydrology, and wildfire extent and frequency.
  5. Understand and plan for the impacts of a changing Arctic on resource development, transportation, and infrastructure.
  6. Help resource managers become more resilient to the impacts of climate change on Arctic ecosystems, communities, and cultures.
  7. Understand how current and changing conditions, (e.g., sea-ice retreat, methane emissions, polar vortex, etc.), in the Arctic affect the rest of the world, as well as how the rest of the world impacts the Arctic (e.g., changing transportation patterns, changing weather patterns, air pollution, etc.).

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