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The United States Government's open data site is designed to unleash the power of government open data to inform decisions by the public and policymakers, drive innovation and economic activity, achieve agency missions, and strengthen the foundation of an open and transparent government.
Inform decisions
Drive innovation
Achieve agency missions
Strengthen open government

Who developed was launched in 2009 and is managed and hosted by the U.S. General Services Administration, Technology Transformation Services.

With what technology is built? is powered by two open source applications, CKAN and 11ty and it is developed publicly on GitHub.

Get Data on

How are the datasets on collected?

Under the OPEN Government Data Act, which is Title II of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, government data is required to be made available in open, machine-readable formats, while continuing to ensure privacy and security. Government data publishers looking to get their data on should read the detailed guide: How to get your open data on The team typically works with a designated open data point of contact as a liaison for each agency. Data publishers should consult with their agency point of contact to include any additional datasets on If you need help determining who your open data point of contact is, please contact us.
Federal agencies are required to:
  • Create a Single Agency Data Inventory. Agencies are required to catalog their data assets, just like they would inventory computers or desk chairs, to better manage and use these resources.
  • Publish a Public Data Listing. Agencies are required to publish a list of their data assets that are public, or could be made public. This list is made available as a data.json hosted at the primary domain of the agency (e.g.)
Agency Public Data Listings are made available on agency websites as JSON files following the DCAT-US Schema v1.1, and are then harvested into the central catalog for Each agency is responsible for its own data.

Media inquiries

If you are preparing an article or creating an event, and are interested in finding information, a speaker, or other help in communicating about open data, contact the team at

An official website of the GSA's Technology Transformation Services

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