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Energy Infrastructure Data

Here you will find scientific and technical information resources related to the potential impacts of climate change on the U.S. energy sector and other types of critical infrastructure. In an effort to enhance future energy security and the underlying knowledge foundations, the Energy and Infrastructure Resilience theme contains federal data, tools, and publications that inform various aspects of how energy and infrastructure systems could be impacted by climate change as well as how they might adapt to become more climate resilient. Citizens, businesses, non-governmental agencies, governments, and research institutions may find improved accessibility to these resources useful in better understanding and preparing for climate-related impacts on energy and infrastructure. You may access the framing questions used to select the data and content available for this theme. All Energy Infrastructure data are organized around six different topic areas:

Energy Resources

Energy Supply

Energy Conversion

Energy Transmission/distribution

Energy Demand

Energy Resources, Energy Supply, Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

For more information about these issues, explore the Climate Resilience Toolkit topic area for Energy.

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