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Human Health Data

Climate change threatens to increase human health risks, both physical and mental, by increasing exposure to extreme weather events, affecting the quality of essential resources such as air, food, and water, and increasing the prevalence of vector-, food-, and waterborne illnesses. Proactive adaptation efforts are needed to assess the vulnerability of different human populations and reduce risks. Here you can access data, information, and decision tools describing and analyzing climate change impacts on public health. Extreme heat and precipitation, air pollution, diseases carried by vectors, and food and water-borne illnesses are just some of the topics addressed in these resources. Citizens, businesses, non-governmental agencies, and governments can use these resources to better prepare for climate-related impacts on health. You may access the framing questions used to select the data and content available for this theme. Use the data search portal to locate all Human Health datasets.

For more information, explore the Climate Resilience Toolkit topic area for Health.

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