Transportation Framing Questions

toolkit_transportation Transportation

    • How will climate trends affect transportation systems and their future design?
    • What parts of the transportation system will be most vulnerable to climate change?
    • How can climate information be most effectively translated for use by transportation practitioners?
    • How will climate adaptation need to be integrated into existing transportation management systems?
      • What capacity currently exists for adaption?
    • What tools and datasets apply broadly to different transportation users and sectors?
      • What information needs to be local and regional specific?
    • What information and resources are necessary to enable transportation officials to effectively adapt transportation systems to climate change stresses and extreme weather events?How will transportation demands be impacted by climate change?


    • Transportation system networks used as evacuation. What infrastructure changes will be needed to ensure viability of evacuation routes in coastal areas?
    • The use of public transportation during high/low temperatures, precipitation, and extreme weather.
  • What are the thresholds for transportation decisions in a changing climate? What would “climate ready” standards look like for each sector and discipline?