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This page contains links to web-based tools, training, and guidance to help understand, analyze, and assess the vulnerabilities and resilience of Tribal Nations to climate variability, global climate change, and compounding stressors. Tools include Guidance for Using Traditional Knowledges, as well as, other unique tools develop by tribes and partners to specifically address ways to analyze and address climate change impacts in an appropriate cultural and place-based context. You may review tools by ALL or each of the six subtopics representing climate resilience strategies that Tribal Nations employ in U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit, as well as, by the Arctic Topic. Please let us know if there are other tools that should be listed here.

All items listed here in the Tools section are also found among the Tools included in the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit. Items found in the Resources > Featured Content section of the Tribal Nations Theme only represent additional resources that have not yet or cannot be considered a tribal climate resilience support tool, so make sure to review both Tools and Featured Content Section resources for best results.

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