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Your Open Data Story

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Open government data enables us to create tools that deliver insights on topics ranging from education and health to entrepreneurship and foreign aid. Families reviewing college options can compare tuition, graduation rates, and potential post-graduation salaries, using the College Scorecard– an application built with Department of Education data. By analyzing CDC data on infant mortality and the USDA’s Food Access Research Atlas, researchers can study the relationship between a city’s infant mortality rates and citizens’ access to healthy food options- add on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, and those same researchers can tell a story about how a family’s annual household income may determine a newborn’s health outlook. A maker of personalized key chains can use the Social Security Administration’s Popular Baby Names dataset to predict which names on key chains will sell the most per U.S. state- in California, Noah was the most popular male name while Sophia was the most popular female name for the years 2014 and 2015. How much in U.S. Foreign Aid was allocated to Mexico for the fiscal year 2015? has the answer. invites you to share your open data stories as you explore or download specific open government datasets. Doing so will provide feedback to government agencies about which datasets are in high demand and which ones need improvement. It will also help the team curate open data topics and special features- including coverage of open data events and hackathons.

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