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Transportation Data

The U.S. transportation system includes the roads, railways, bridges, waterways, pipelines, and ports that facilitate the production and distribution of goods and services throughout the country. The projected increase in extreme events such as extreme heat, drought and flooding due to sea-level rise and heavy precipitation will result in significant damages and disruptions to the country’s transportation system. Current research is revealing the potential vulnerabilities that exist within the transportation sector. This information can help guide individuals, businesses, and municipalities on the risk factors and potential hazards to consider when developing adaptive strategies to increase the resilience of their transportation systems. Here you will find resources related to the impacts of climate change on transportation assets, transportation operations, and the transportation system. You may access the framing questions used to select the data and content available for this theme. Use the data search portal to locate all Transportation datasets.

For more information, explore the Climate Resilience Toolkit topic area for Transportation.

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