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Water Theme Adds New Content

In a continued effort to provide key resources that are aimed at developing water resources resilience to climate change, five additional items are now available in the Water theme. Those include: Global Lake Temperature Collaboration Forced Evaporation from Water Surface… Continued

Ecosystem Vulnerability Resources

The 2018 National Climate Assessment’s chapter on Ecosystems, Ecosystem Services, and Biodiversity provides a comprehensive overview of the latest scientific knowledge on the impacts of climate change on ecosystems. For greater understanding and exploration of ecosystem vulnerability to climate change… Continued

Ecosystem Vulnerability Tools

Here is a collection of select tools that can help us to better understand the vulnerability of ecosystems and make decisions that will make ecosystems more resilient to climate change. Biodiversity Conservation Integrated Taxonomic Informatin System (IT IS): A database… Continued

Ecosystem Vulnerability Maps

Here you will find a collection of maps and map layers that can help us to visually understand the vulnerability of ecosystems, and related climate change impacts. Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON) Critical Habitat Mapper Cropscape… Continued

Launch of Water theme of Climate.Data.Gov + Framing Questions

To help communities and individuals plan for the risks of climate-change-related impacts on water resources, the U.S. Government is releasing today a collection of datasets containing information relevant to this important issue. Select data are also being made available via… Continued

Food Resilience Theme Adds Seven Datasets

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) interactive energy disruption maps combine real-time data feeds from NOAA's National Hurricane Center with more than 20 map layers showing the nation's energy infrastructure and resources. This new tool, available around the clock on the EIA… Continued

2014 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference

2014 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference Open Water Data Initiative – Unifying Water Data for the Nation Call For Lightening Talks (Deadline: October 27, 2014) In coordination with The White House Climate Data Initiative, the Federal Geographic Data Committee, and… Continued

Launch of Food Resilience theme of Climate.Data.Gov

To help communities and individuals plan for the risks of drought, floods, and other climate-change-related impacts, the U.S. Government is releasing today a collection of datasets containing information relevant to the effects of climate change on the food system. These… Continued

Climate Model Projections

Target User Community: As with the other resources provided through, this page is primarily intended for audiences, such as data innovators, who want to use government data to develop tools to help others learn … Continued

NASA launches Earth Science Challenges

Through the Open NASA Earth Exchange, NASA is challenging innovators to use data from Earth's satellites in new and creative ways, including for applications that help people understand climate change. Learn more. Continued

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