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Energy Infrastructure Data

Here you will find scientific and technical information resources related to the potential impacts of climate change on the U.S. energy sector and other types of critical infrastructure. In an effort to enhance future energy security and the underlying knowledge foundations... Continued

Water Data

Here you will find resources related to the effects of climate change on water resources, as well as other water-related environmental and societal themes. Citizens, businesses, non-governmental agencies and governments can use these resources to... Continued

Water Framing Questions

Water How are human and natural components of the hydrologic cycle changing? How can communities and water managers plan for uncertain future conditions?... Continued

Transportation Data

The U.S. transportation system includes the roads, railways, bridges, waterways, pipelines, and ports that facilitate the production and distribution of goods and services throughout the country. The projected increase in extreme events such as... Continued

Arctic Tools

This page contains links to web-based tools and publicly accessible models to help understand, analyze, and assess the vulnerabilities and resilience of Arctic systems to climate variability, global climate change, and compounding stressors. Tools include interactive mapping applications as well as navigable libraries containing scientific and technical publications, additional datasets, or models. Continued

Coastal Flooding Tools

Here are a few government and non-government software tools to help coastal communities and others analyze and assess vulnerabilities to sea level rise, storm surges, and sinking lands. Continued

Coastal Flooding Featured Content

Coastal communities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the risk of damage from coastal inundation. In the northeast, Hurricane Sandy was a stark reminder of the potential damage a single storm can cause. These additional resources listed below will allow you to create tools and provide information to help communities prepare... Continued

Arctic Maps

Below are several examples of available map resources that illustrate biophysical and socioeconomic aspects of the Arctic region. Continued

Arctic Featured Content

This page contains relevant content from U.S. government agencies and other sources that can help users understand how climate variability and/or global climate change is impacting and/or may impact different Arctic systems. Continued

Transportation Maps

Both climate impacts and transportation systems are distributed spatially. To map climate impacts to transportation infrastructure, we need to match the locations of the infrastructure to the impacts, and, this in turn requires maps or geocoded data sets… Continued

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