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Microsoft Launches “Innovation Challenge” around Food Resilience

WASHINGTON, July 27, – The U.S. Department of Agriculture is partnering with Microsoft to launch the "Innovation Challenge," a competition to develop software applications that help farmers, agriculture businesses, and consumers explore how climate change will affect their food systems. The Innovation Challenge… Continued

Launch of Energy & Infrastructure Resilience theme of Climate.Data.Gov

To help communities, governments, businesses, and research institutions better understand and plan for the risks of storms, floods, and other climate-change-related impacts, the U.S. Government is enhancing accessibility and releasing today a collection of datasets containing scientific and technical information… Continued

Energy Infrastructure Framing Questions

Energy 1) How are fundamental energy resources impacted by climate? 2) How might changes in climate and natural resource availability impact energy conversion infrastructure and processes? 3) How might climate impact energy transmission and distribution systems? 4) How might energy … Continued

Transportation Framing Questions

Transportation How will climate trends affect transportation systems and their future design? What parts of the transportation system will be most vulnerable to climate change?… Continued

Coastal Flooding Theme Adds Thirteen New Datasets

In a continued effort to provide key datasets that support the process of developing resilience to climate change, thirteen additional datasets are now available in the Coastal Flooding theme. These datasets include: NOAA Climate Data Record (CDR) of Sea Surface… Continued

Human Health Framing Questions

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) interactive energy disruption maps combine real-time data feeds from NOAA's National Hurricane Center with more than 20 map layers showing the nation's energy infrastructure and resources. This new tool, available around the clock on the EIA… Continued

Ecosystem Vulnerability Framing Questions

Ecosystem Vulnerability Help communities and natural resource managers determine if they are currently at risk from wildfires and if they will be impacted in the future due to wildfires becoming more prevalent and severe; Provide information to the public on… Continued

Coastal Flooding Framing Questions

Coastal Flooding What areas currently are at greatest risk of coastal flooding? What areas are going to be impacted in the future as sea level rises? In what areas are there additional factors that add to the risk? Where are… Continued

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