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Transportation Tools

The Department of Transportation and other public and private organizations provide a range of software tools useful for transportation impact analysis. Generally, software tools break down into several categories… Continued

Energy Infrastructure Maps

Below are several example map services that illustrate the geographic distribution of energy resources, energy supply & demand, and infrastructure in the United States … Continued

Food Resilience Maps

Here are a few examples of the many maps available on the internet that illustrate the vulnerability of food production, distribution, food safety, and international food security to changes in climate. Crop Explorer CropScape – Cropland Data Layer VegScape – … Continued

Coastal Flooding Maps

Here are mapping tools and data layers to help you analyze and assess vulnerabilities in coastal communities from the combination of sea level rise, storm surges, and sinking lands. These resources aim to help coastal communities identify and reduce vulnerabilities to inundation and improve their resilience. Continued

Food Resilience Tools

There are a large number of government and non-government software tools available to help analyze and assess the vulnerabilities of food production and distribution systems, food safety, and international food security to changes in climate. With software tools, users can… Continued

Climate Tools

Here are a few government and non-government software tools to help coastal communities and others analyze and assess vulnerabilities of sea level rise, storm surges, and sinking lands. Please let us know if there are other tools we should list … Continued


Coastal communities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the risk of damage from coastal inundation. In the northeast, Hurricane Sandy was a stark reminder of the potential damage a single storm can cause. These additional resources listed below will allow you… Continued

Climate Challenges

Data and innovation challenges issued by public, private, nonprofit, and other organizations can help catalyze new, data-driven solutions that help communities understand and build resilience to climate change. Is your organization hosting an innovation challenge for entrepreneurs and developers… Continued

Arctic Framing Questions

Arctic Framing Questions 1. Understand changes in Arctic Ocean chemistry, as well as historical and projected changes in sea ice extent and the impacts of these changes on coastal communities. 2. Understand the changing trends of melting glaciers, snow, and ice and the resulting impacts on hydrologic systems... Continued

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