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NASA and NOAA Launch Coastal Flooding Innovation Challenge

Want to solve an innovation challenge to address climate change? The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration offering four climate-related challenges, including… Coastal Inundation in Your Community Coastal communities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the risk of… Continued

Energy Infrastructure Tools

Here users will find web-based tools and publicly accessible models to help understand, analyze, and assess vulnerabilities and resilience of the energy sector and critical infrastructure to climate variability, global climate change, and compounding stressors. Tools include interactive mapping applications… Continued

Transportation Featured Content

Over the past five years, there has been a large body of literature developed on climate impacts on transportation and transportation adaptation. This work includes… Continued

Water Featured Content

The 2018 National Climate Assessment provides background information to help communities, water utilities, resource managers, and food and energy producers prepare for a changing climate. Given a need to develop resilience… Continued

Human Health Featured Content

The 2018 U.S. National Climate Assessment's chapter on Human Health provides a comprehensive overview of the latest scientific information on the impacts of climate change on public health. Exploring the following resources should provide a greater understanding of human health vulnerability to climate change... Continued

Energy Infrastructure Featured Content

Here users will find relevant content from U.S. government agencies that help inform how climate variability and/or global climate change may potentially affect different aspects of energy and infrastructure systems.   Energy Resources… Continued

Human Health Maps

The mapping tools and data layers in this section can be used to analyze and assess public health impacts and vulnerabilities associated with climate change. Continued

Water Maps

Here are a few examples of the many maps available on the Internet that illustrate historical conditions and potential climate impacts on water resources… Continued

Human Health Tools

A range of tools are available to help analyze and assess the impacts of climate change on public health. These tools provide users with convenient access to data, common data transformation utilities, analysis methods for data and related information, and other functionalities. Continued

Water Tools

There is a range of software tools available to help analyze and assess impacts of a changing climate on the water cycle. These tools provide users with convenient data access capabilities, common data transformation utilities, and analysis methods for data and related information… Continued

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