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Tour 2.0

As you know, last month launched its new open-source 2.0 catalog ( Based on CKAN, a data management platform used by many open-data catalogs around the world,'s new catalog has received nothing but kudos from users. For… Continued

APIs from the Energy Information Administration

The Energy Information Administration collects statistics on energy generation, distribution and consumption in the United States. Their new APIs provide developers easy access to EIA’s extensive data on electricity, petroleum, natural gas, and more. Continued

Open Data Executive Order Shows Path Forward

Today, the White House is issuing a new Executive Order on Open Data – one that is significantly different from the open data policies that have come before it — reflecting Sunlight’s persistent call for stronger public listings of agency data,… Continued

Open Data: A new goldmine | The Economist

AFTER a Soviet missile shot down a South Korean airliner that strayed into Russian airspace in 1983, President Ronald Reagan made America's military satellite-navigation system, GPS, available to the world. Entrepreneurs pounced. Car-navigation, precision farming and 3m American jobs now … Continued Launches New Catalog and APIs is launching two innovations today to mark both the anniversary of the Digital Government Strategy and the fourth anniversary of First is a comprehensive listing of the application programming interfaces (APIs) that were released from across the federal… Continued

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