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Harvesting Grain Data

Author: Marin Kress, Research Scientist, Engineer Research and Development Center, USACE This Grain Transportation Report: Rail Deliveries to Port dataset from the USDA provides the total number of rail carloads used in weekly grain shipments traveling to ports in five… Continued

A Decade of Shipment Tonnage and Value Summaries

The U.S. Maritime Administration has produced a summary of annual tonnage and values for shipments moving through groups of ports across U.S. Customs Districts. The file includes a list of the individual ports included in the 38 unique Custom Districts.… Continued

Your Open Data Story

Open government data enables us to create tools that deliver insights on topics ranging from education and health to entrepreneurship and foreign aid. Families reviewing college options can compare tuition, graduation rates, and potential post-graduation salaries, using the College Scorecard–… Continued

Introducing New Rural Housing Data from USDA

For the first time, USDA's Rural Housing Service is publicly releasing data across every program area in which the agency provides loans, guarantees, and grants — multifamily housing, single-family housing, and community facilities. Continued

7 Years of Open Data

In its seventh year as home to the U.S. Government's open data, continues to serve millions of people worldwide, from researchers and civic hackers, to businesses and citizens. These users have created apps, launched new products and services, and… Continued

Data USA: Visualizing Government Data

Much has been written about open government data and its contribution to developing consumer applications such as Zoc Doc and Spot Crime. The data resources on can also help researchers, policymakers, and planners make better informed decisions through the… Continued

Tribal Nations Maps

The Tribal Nations Map Gallery includes PDF wall maps and interactive maps from federal partners and intertribal groups to showcase climate resilience efforts of tribes, Alaska Natives, and other diverse communities nationwide. Continued

Tribal Nations Framing Questions

Tribal Nations 1. Data sharing between Tribal Nations and non-tribal partners must ensure that there is free, prior, and informed consent of tribes and traditional knowledge holders participating in the collaboration, and tribally-led protections for traditional knowledges... Continued

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